Olympic time doesn't come around every year, so use the opportunity to take some "rest time" and tune in for some nonstop action.

Deep Relief Athletes to Watch:
Julia Mancuso
:  There isn't much snow in Bejiing this time of year, so Jules won't be claiming any more gold medals until 2010.  Fortunetely, you can still catch her Olympic spirit on NBC and  She'll be doing small segments filmed around Bejiing and showing us what it's like behind the scenes at Olympic Village.  Check out her blog at

Kerron ClementHaving once broken a Michael Johnson 400m record, Kerron is capable of anything.  He's a favorite in the 400m hurdles at his first Olympics.  Samantha worked with Kerron when he trained at the University of Florida, where she was a Student Athletic Trainer.

Derrick AtkinsThis Bahamian sprinter is accompanied in Bejiing by his Athletic Trainer, Deep Relief mentor Kyle O'Day.  Derrick set a Bahamian record in the 100m in April 2007, so watch out for a medal run in his first Olympics.


The Ancient Olympic games were meant as a celebration of the human body; athletes competed nude and sometimes used olive oil on their skin for an attractive glow.



How many sports were included in the original Olympics?
a)      9 b)      11 c)      3 d)     1

Scroll to the bottom for the answer...


Maria Souza's Stand-up Paddle Surfing SchoolMaria Souza

Stand-up paddling is an old-school sport experiencing a high-tech revival.  Ride the wave with Maria Souza, legendary surf goddess, personal trainer, and ocean sport coach. 

I recently had a session with Maria to work on my downwind skills on the North Shore of Maui, Hawaii.  After watching my form and shooting a few video clips on her waterproof camera, she advised me to extend the deck pads on my board for a better sweet spot.  We worked on my wave choice, then hand positioning and stroke length.  Finally, we changed my whole paddle stroke to emphasize using my core instead of just arm strength.

That's MeMaria's teaching style is very unique when compared to your basic surf lesson.  If you can get used to her Brazilian accent projected over wind and waves, you will find her personal training cues and creative analogies helpful in understanding the rhythm of the waves.    She has a great eye for movement patterns and can help you become more efficient and less prone to overuse injuries.  I recommend her school to avid paddlers as well as beginners interested in the sport. 


Check out for more details and to make reservations.




Upcoming Events
Cycle to the Sun:  August 24th  visit
 ***Look for Samantha before, during, and after the race...she'll be on the support staff with plenty of Kinesiotape and first aid supplies.***
Aluminum Man Scenic Challenge Biathlon:  August 10th at Kahekili Beach Park, call Nancy 878-2949

Hula Halau 5K Run Fundraiser:  August 16th, 8am at Keopuolani Park

Pentathlon Pool Meet: August 23rd 9am at Kihei Aquatic Center, call Malcom Cooper 280-4257

Cycle to the Sun:  August 24th  visit
 ***Look for Samantha before, during, and after the race...she'll be on the support staff with plenty of Kinesiotape and first aid supplies.***

Kapalua Open Tennis ChampionshipAugust 29-September 1st  visit
Lanai Channel Crossing: Aug 30th 8am Lanai, visit

Swim:  September 1st 8:30am at Maui Prince Beach, visit

Maui Tacos 5K Fun Run:  September 13 9am at Whaler's Village
Sports and Fitness Expo:  September 13th 9am-6pm, the Westin Maui
The Front Street Mile:  September 13th 3-5pm in Lahaina
Marathon/Half Marathon:  September 14th, visit

Maui Roughwater Swim:  September 21st 8:30am at Keawekapu Beach, call Janet Renner 573-8656

Kapiolani Children's Miracle Network Golf Fundraiser:  September 26th at Wailea Golf Club, contact Paul at (817) 846-2654 Every Wednesday
Kalama Park Skating Rink 6-9pm (Free Event)
Ultimate Frisbee 8-10pm in Kalama Park (Free Event)Every Sunday
Ultimate Frisbee 4ish-sunset in Kula (Free Event)

See for more local sports activities"Volunteering on Vacation" offered by the Pacific Whale FoundationMondays at Hoaloha'aina
Tuesdays at Kanaha
Friday Coastal Restoration
Saturdays at Malama Honokawai
1st Wednesday and 3rd Sunday of the month at Haleakala National Park
Visit for more info



answer key: (d) The original Greek Olympics only consisted of one event, the stadion, a straight footrace 400 "Herculean strides" long.  Later, other events were added including more foot races, boxing, wrestling, pankration, and chariot racing.

The Stadion

The Modern Olympics began in 1896 with nine sports:  athletics, swimming, tennis, cycling, fencing, gymnastics, weightlifting, shooting, and wrestling.  Rowing was cancelled due to inclement weather.

The current Olympic games now consist of 35 sports with multiple disciplines and over 400 events.


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